Basement Waterproofing Dos and Don’ts

Basement waterproofing

Winter has made its presence felt in Ottawa and you must be indoors freezing and counting days to the spring. You must also be dreading the disaster that could happen to your basement once the snow thaws if you didn’t take steps to protect your basement beforehand.

When the weather gets rough, the part of your home most susceptible to damage is the basement. Heavy rain in combination with melting snow can cause leaks, mould growth, and worse. Fortunately, there is an easy way to avoid these headaches – basement waterproofing. Basement waterproofing will keep the ground level of your home dry and free of water-related problems no matter the weather outside.

When it comes to basement waterproofing, unfortunately it’s not as simple as buying a DIY kit and calling it a day. You need to do it right or it’s only a matter of time before water gets the best of you. With that in mind, here are some key dos and don’ts related to waterproofing your basement:

DO know that not all waterproofing solutions are equal

There are dozens and dozens of ways to waterproof your basement, from quick sealant injections to complete gut jobs. The fact is, there is only one to deliver real, lasting results, and that’s exterior digging. At City Residential Foundation Pair, we have a few different approaches, such as digging out a French drain, installing new drainage systems below the foundation, and installing a Platon membrane on the exterior wall to seal out water. Do your research and you’ll discover that this is an undeniable fact and the most reliable solution to all basement water leak issues.

DON’T rely on sealants

Remember how we just said exterior digging is the only way to get long-term results? That means any sealant you pick up at a hardware store is going to be a quick fix at best, and a waste of money and time. It doesn’t matter how fancy the packaging is or how much it costs – crack sealant and injections are not a permanent solution.

DO find the true source

This is a very common issue with leaky basements, especially if you hire an inexperienced contractor or try to do it yourself. The fact is, if you don’t identify and solve the source (and there may be multiple sources), you aren’t getting anywhere. Remember, the source may not even be visible to the naked eye. Get to the source and then you can start making real headway.

DON’T ignore small cracks

In foundation repair, we talk about structural and non-structural cracks. While obviously structural cracks are more serious, that doesn’t mean you should ignore non-structural cracks or put off fixing them. For one, they could still cause leaks or provide an entryway to creepy crawlies. The cracks could also widen/deepen and develop into structural cracks at a later point which may cost more to fix, so it’s wise to address the problem early.

DO look beyond the basement

We’re talking about basement waterproofing, but it’s part of a whole system that includes your roof, foundation, downspouts/gutters, landscaping, and even the slope of your property. All of this matters, and you need to hire a pro who knows how to look at the big picture, not apply Band-Aid solutions that don’t hold up over time.

Do you have any other questions about basement waterproofing? At City Residential Foundation Repair we’re here to help, so give us a call!

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I would have no hesitation in recommending City Foundation. They fixed up my foundation last summer and although the old house produced a few surprises, the professionals at City Foundation got around the problems cheerfully and completed the work. From the start, Chuck kept me informed of all of my options. If I asked for something not already in the plan, he would try to accommodate me if at all possible Chuck and his colleague Don were friendly, and respectful. They showed up every day, put in a solid day's work and always left the property clean, neat and safe for us to move around. And, the price was fair with no surprises. Great guys, good job!

- Jennifer A 5/30/2015

Excellent service, friendly

We had Chuck and his team repair a crack in our cold storage room - they were punctual, neat, and friendly. The job was completed very quickly with great results. Would definitely hire them again and recommend them to friends.

- Janet M. 5/26/2015

Good job!

Chuck did a very good job. He promised to be finished by a certain date and he was good to his word. He kept me informed of his progress through pictures sent to my email account while I was at work. My backyard is nicely landscaped and there was no damage or debris left in my yard - just a new window well and no basement leaks.

- Kathryn T. 4/14/2015

Can't say enough about the workmanship of Chuck and his crew. They assessed the problem(leak in the foundation) quoted me a price, booked appointment, showed up on time and did a very professional job.The work site was cleaned up to the point it was hard to tell there had been any serious digging at the site. If I have similar problems with my foundation they will be the first people I will call!! I would not hesitate to recommend Chuck and his crew if you have foundation problems that need repair. Duncan Hardie

- Duncan H. 4/12/2015

Professsional and Polite

My experience with City Residential was very positive. I had a crack on my foundation and knew we needed it fixed. They came in and addressed the situation and did the work cleanly and professionaly. Our property was kept nice and tidy during the repairs and they worked safely during the work. Its been a few years now since the work and no issues whatsoever. I will be using them again once we decided to fix a few areas around the garage that they pointed out would need fixing someday. Very happy and positive experience.

- Chris L. 4/6/2015

Foundation Crack (back) and Drainage (front)

The foundation crack at the back was difficult to get to and difficult to dig out. The work was done well and on time. the drainage trench at the front was also done very well and on time. I hope I don't need Chuck again but if I have foundation, drainage issues, he will be my 1st call. bc

- Barry C. 3/30/2015

This is a highly professional company with reliable, honest service. Chuck, the owner, came exactly when promised, took the time to listen to my concerns, explained the problem in an easy to understand language, described in great detail how it could be fixed, and what was - and what was not - necessary. Chuck and his team's attitude and service were at all times very honest, courteous and highly professional. Although I needed to be out of town, there were no surprises or additional costs, and everything was left tidy and clean. Chuck even followed up a couple of days later to check if everything was all right and done to my satisfaction. All in all, I was very impressed with the quality of work and the services received and would highly recommend the company.

- Beate A. 3/30/2015

City Residential Foundation Repair

Chuck Naish and his team from City Residential Foundation Repair were excellent to deal with in every aspect. Their level of integrity throughout the entire process was outstanding. They were honest, respectful and their ability to explain the process and the solution options were extremely helpful to us. The scope of the project was big, however Chuck walked us through every step of the way; assessment, testing, options and repairs which resulted in a very successful outcome. In addition, Chuck and his team were able to complete the necessary repairs with minimal impact to our newly completed landscaping which included a lot of hard scape, tiered armour stone, gardens and a pool. They kept the work site impeccable over the duration of the project. We have and will continue to highly recommend Chuck Naish for his very professional and skilled foundation repair work.

- Annette and Rick B. 3/8/2015

My experience with City Residential was great. Chuck was very friendly and very easy to deal with. I especially appreciated that he was able to come by and do the estimate in the evening when I was off work. They did the work exactly as they said they would, no surprises (which in my mind is the most you can ask for). I was really surprised by how clean they left everything in the evenings and when the job was complete. They will definitley be the first people I call if I ever need more foundation work.

- Charlie A 3/2/2015

Weeping Tile system replaced

We are very please with the work that was done. It was always a pleasure to speak with the owner and explain to him what was going on. Although we found the job to be pricey, it is impossible for us to determine if it was adequate or not at it's hard to compare to others. He ran into several problems at my house while doing the job and he took it upon himself to call the City at two different occasion so they could do some testing before he could go on. Safety was very important for them so they took all the necessary precaution so that no one could get hurt or fall into the hole that were done all around the house.

- Gisele P. 1/29/2015
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